Peruse our list of catering options below. 


breakfast burrito

chorizo, egg, black bean salsa, cilantro, lime  -or- potato, egg, red pepper, cheddar

southern biscuit

bacon, egg, cheese

fruit bowls

kiwi, orange, blueberries, strawberries, grapes, basil

lil asparagus quiche*

confit tomato, asparagus, cheddar, thyme, with small spinach salad

lil andouille quiche

cheddar, potato, with small spinach salad

lil mushroom quiche*

swiss, herbs, with small spinach salad

crispy baked french toast

baguettes baked with vanilla cream, strawberry marmalade, streusel top

tennesee breakfast sausage balls*

fresno-maple syrup

european breakfast

mini baguettes and croissants, prosciutto, bacon, whipped butter, tomato jam, fresh fruit



veggies, pita chips

salmon salad

miso-glazed salmon, spring mix, red pepper, peanut-soy vinaigrette, sesame

arugula salad

sliced pear, radish, parm, basil vinaigrette

spinach salad

pickled oranges, salt roasted beets, goat cheese, cider vinaigrette

panzanella salad

tomato, roasted red pepper, bacon, giant croutons, basil, sherry-bacon vinaigrette

corn & black bean salad*

roasted corn and black beans, red pepper, smoked spanish paprika, avocado-cilantro vinaigrette, cotija cheese




baked chickpea balls, pickled red onion, tomato, feta, parsley

yogurt & zaatar marinated beef

roasted vegetables, basmati rice, herb oil

roasted poblano & chicken tacos*

tomatillo-avacado salsa, queso, radish, cilantro

chorizo tacos*

onion, radish, cilantro, lime

cauliflower bhan mi

roasted cauliflower, pickled carrot, jalapenos, cilantro, spicy aioli

char sui pork bahn mi

roasted marinated pork, pickled carrot, jalapenos, cilantro, spicy aioli

rice noodle bowl

mixed sauteed veggies, green onions, peanuts, meyer lemon-soy vinaigrette

salmon salad

miso-glazed salmon, spring mix, red pepper, peanut-soy vinaigrette, sesame

spaghetti & meatballs*

pomodoro sauce with garlic bread

italian sausage pasta*

arugula, onion, fennel, roasted red peppers, mozzarella, parm, red pepper flakes, with garlic bread

basil pesto gnocchi

roasted tomatoes, asparagus, mozzarella

smoked bbq sandwiches

brisket, pork, jackfruit, sesame-soy slaw, pear bbq sauce

french onion chicken sandwich

lemon brined chicken, caramelized onions, swiss cheese, arugula, dijon aioli

lemongrass pork meatball bowl*

jasmine rice, sauteed veggies, green onions

korean bbq beef bowl

marinated and charred beef, cucumber kimchi, onion, over jasmine rice

*items can be made vegetarian